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Softlogic Innovations is a leading Solar Energy solution provider for educational institutions, industries, departments, engineers, architects, technology dissemination organisations. The company has been promoted by highly experienced professionals dedicated to provide total Energy solutions under one roof. We possess not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experienced hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions. We are serving corporate, government and small business clients with exceptional dependability. We provides high quality on site services for software development and the end users on a broad range of hardware and software platforms and latest technologies.

Our Mission

We are specializing in providing latest Solar Energy solutions by providing consultancy, design-implementation and technical support services for international organisations, industry sectors.

  • Provide clear perspectives, technological concepts, need based problem-solving frame works and integrated IT solutions and act as catalysts for the organizations seeking IT enable solutions.
  • Reach out to our customers, and help them improve their productivity and efficiency through customized business process automation tools.
  • Stand by our customer's business goals, identify and understand their business problems and priorities, which efficiently address those needs.
  • Strive for customer delight by delivering on-time and in-budget services.
  • Equip customer organizations with IT solutions that are scalable, stable and integrate seamlessly with the existing business processes and IT infrastructure.
  • IT-enable customer organizations through a holistic approach towards all the constituent technologies, i.e., Software Development, Information Technology Promotion, IT Park, Solar Energy Projects etc.
"To enhance the business value of our customer organizations through IT consulting and cutting-edge IT solutions and services so as to enable them offer better value to their customers."

Ultimately, enabling our customers to serve their customers effectively is our motto, which should result in speedy and measurable benefits to the customer organizations.

Softlogic offers services in various technology areas and domain areas. Softlogic is based out of Kochi , India and has perfected the art of offshore development. Strong systems coupled with skilled resources and infrastructure has encouraged a number of clients to partner with Softlogic for their technology solutions.

Apart from selling and supporting software products, we are specializing in the area of Setting up of Server based computing solutions, Designing and implementing enterprise wide E-Mail and networks, Setting up Preventive Disaster avoidance systems through effective Backup and Antivirus solutions, technology development, dissemination, renewable energy research, resource training.

Company Departments

Currently the Company comprises 6 Departments

  • Research & Development Department
  • Software Testing Department
  • Training& Human Resource Department
  • Technology Transfer Department
  • On line Customer Support Department
  • Project Consultancy Department

Our Acknowledgement

High Competence

High professionalism of our employees is supported with collected knowledge base on technologies being used, and also unique scheme of management and communication within the company. As a result, we are able not only carry out complete development of new technologies and custom development, but also to render the fast and qualified technical support of any level, to render consultations on resolving difficult problems, to give unique technical knowledge through automated Knowledge Base site.

Consistent Product Development

We never stop our development for particular product if we believe there is other important features customers expect from us. It is usual practice when development department investigates and writes further technologies for next version of a product even sales and marketing departments yet prepares previous version for release. We always share current product improvements with our customers as soon as they become available, we can release minor updates several times between consequent versions.

Customer Care

We understand that technologies in the field we share can be uneasy in use and therefore our company aspires to help customers in resolving their problems. First of all, it means the convenient, clear and intuitive interface in which we try to take the most of modern wizards. If a problem or a question arises, the user can try to find the answer with Knowledge Base by his/her own or contact support service for the quick and qualified consultation. Any user is always capable to receive the latest product update online and remain confidant that he/she uses leading technologies developed up-to-date.

Complete Business Cycle

Softlogic System Utilities involves complete business cycle: development of unique technologies and building convenient appliances, quality assurance, technical support, distribution, publishing and licensing. The whole business cycle allows us not only to release competitive products at the reduced cost, but also to answer extremely dynamically to ever-changing demands of market.

Now Softlogic System Utilities are 20+ professionals working as a solid team and is ready for further expansion.

The company is working and consolidating its network partners for operating a distribution channel to serve the vast market in Middle East and countries like Nigeria . Besides developing and marketing own products we are open for and have wide experience in: new and renewable energy solutions, IT park development, custom development and releasing software and technologies.

Training & Modernization

All our Engineers/ professionals are trained and oriented beyond their IT skills to assure that they blend well with a client's corporate culture, understand the industry requirements, as well as reflect the company's mission in their work.

Corporate Training

Our professionals are capable to conduct training for Universities, Industries, Research & Development Laboratories, Govt Departments, International Organisations etc.

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